Data Logger Files and Scoring.

It is your responsibility to download your own data logger and submit files to the scorer through the competition website. The Narromine Gliding Club clubhouse has a computer which can be used for downloading purposes but we cannot guarantee that all types of cables, power supplies and technical assistance will be available. We strongly encourage you to be self-reliant in this area.



All files should be transferred to the scorer via the upload link above. This will ensure that the file is properly identified with the date, Pilot name and registration so that automatic scoring can take place. Simply complete the form, browse to the location of your file, and press the submit button.

If you do not have the skills or equipment to do this yourself, please look for assistance from other pilots if you can – there is only one scorer and while the scorer will do their best to help, it is not going to be possible for them to help a large number of people and still get scores out in a timely way.

In accordance with the rules, the following Data Loggers are acceptable:
• Any IGC approved logger.
• A Flarm or other non-approved data logger that produces an IGC format data file, provided that it is acceptable to the scorer.
• A commercial GPS device which also records pressure altitude, such as some models of Garmin. Note that pilots using these as primary loggers are not eligible to win the championships.

A file taken directly from a PDA or Oudie falls into the third category and may be acceptable in some circumstances, but only as a backup. Such a file is only acceptable if it has a record of pressure altitude.

Motor gliders must have some way to record engine runs. The most common method is the ENL (Engine Noise Level) reading on an IGC approved logger. OzFlarms do not record ENL and are therefore unacceptable as evidence if the glider has a functioning motor.

The only file type acceptable is the IGC format. Files in other formats such as .CAI or .LXN must be converted to .IGC format by the pilot, before they will be accepted.


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