The following Aircraft are available for hire to Narromine Gliding Club members. Please call or email for further details and bookings.

New Students can take advantage of our special "Kick-Start Package" which consists of 5 training flights in the Twin Grob taken over a weekend for $450. Really good value and a way to get the ball rolling in a focused consistent approach.

Air experience flights are offered in the Duo Discus and Twin Astir at $130 for up to 30 minutes, and $160 for up to 60 minutes.

Duo Discus
DUO DISCUS VH-WVS- $100/hr or $400/per day

DUO DISCUS VH-GKC- $100/hr or $400/per day

DISCUS B VH-GFV - $80/hr or $240/per day

LS-4 VH-CQO- $70/hr or $210/per day

Std Libelle
STANDARD LIBELLE VH-GBV - $60/hr or $180/per day

Grob 103
TWIN ASTIR VH-GOC - $60/hr or $180/per day

Call or email Narromine Gliding Club today.

Phone: +61 2 6889 5338 or Cell Phone: +61 407 459 581